Oventus Oral Appliances

Introducing an innovative approach to oral appliance therapy – a treatment platform featuring Oventus Airway Technology.

With a unique, low resistance airway incorporated into its patented design, the O2Vent™ customised oral appliances deliver unobstructed airflow to the back of the throat, allowing for breathing through the appliance, bypassing nasal resistance and velopharyngeal obstruction. The removable medical devices are fitted in the patient’s mouth and are intended to reduce or alleviate snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea, OSA. The Oventus O2Vent™ devices are for prescription use only.

Find out more about Oventus Airway Technology.

Watch this video to find out how the Oventus oral appliances can help snorers and sufferers of mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

The Oventus treatment platform.

The Oventus portfolio currently includes three oral appliance options, all incorporating the Oventus Airway Technology. Dentists may select a product/titration mechanism based on clinical preference or variation in patient anatomy.

FEATURES O2Vent™ Mono O2Vent™ T O2Vent™ W
Oventus oral appliances
 Indication The original Oventus device, the Mono advances the mandible to a fixed protrusive bite.  The “T” appliance utilises an
anterior screw and adjustment key to optimise titration, locking the upper and lower trays together when in use and enabling lateral movement.
A slimline winged appliance that uses a dual mechanism to stabilise and advance the mandible, still enabling opening of the mouth.
Oventus Airway Technology
3D printed in titanium
Polymer inner
2 piece titratable design -
Patient/Clinician can change level of advancement easily -
Patient can open their mouth while in use - -
Titration mechanism - Anterior screw and adjustment key Lateral extension and wing design
Range of advancement NIL without reline 2mm retrusive
5mm protrusive
6mm protrusive
No retrusion
Increments of titration NIL 0.5mm per 1 turn
of 360 degrees
0.1 mm per 1 turn
of 90 degrees
ARTG number 230890 275667 286864


Three key benefits.

  1. Comfort.
    The O2VentTM custom mouthguard devices are custom made to provide a perfect fit.
  2. Portability.
    The lightweight device has no mask or machines attached, making it easy to carry during travel, and store during the day when not in use.
  3. Oventus Airway Technology.
    Air enters the mouth and is delivered to the back of the throat, so the patient can breathe through the device while maintaining an oral seal, to avoid a dry mouth or sore throat.


How Oventus Airway Technology works.

Nose breathing during sleep is ideal and patients should breathe though their nose to the extent they can. In the case of nasal resistance, nasal obstruction or soft palate collapse, a patient would normally experience a respiratory event or arousal and may then convert to mouth breathing, leading to an unstable airway. Oventus Airway Technology is designed to allow continued air flow to the oropharynx in the presence of nasal or soft palate obstruction. If device breathing is required during sleep, an oral seal is maintained and ventilation normalises.

  1. If there is reduced flow through the nasal airway or a soft palate
    obstruction occurs, air can be drawn into the front of the device
    while the lips maintain an oral seal around the device extension.
  2. Air passes through to the back of the device in an enclosed, low
    resistance pathway.
  3. The device advances the lower mandible to stabilise jaw position,
    bringing the tongue forward and opening the airway.


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